Christxpher Oliver

Writer and Researcher

CURRENT: I'm currently part of a team researching the Sandbach, Tinne and Co archive collection at Senate House, University of London. The archive collection includes letters that document correspondence between Sandbach, Tinne and Co, and other associated merchants, who traded between Britain and Guyana during the period of the 1823 Demerara rebellion. I'm using AI software to transcribe 19th century handwritten letters into digital transcripts and working with drummers to explore polyrhythms as a form of historical material. This work also involves deciphering writing systems of the period, tracing references to the 1823 rebellion, and tagging historical information within the letters such as ship names, places, people, plantations, crops etc. The aim is for the transcripts and drum rhythms to be cataloged within the Senate House Library and used as material within research forums.